Tomi Lahren Found a Hidden GEM Inside Biden’s Fake Twitter Followers

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I don’t know if you heard, but Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are fake.


Well, at least half of them are.

That’s what a new report discovered… that means that Joe Biden only has about 10 million legit followers.

The guy who got 81 million “legal” votes, and has a political movement bigger and more popular than President Trump or Obama, can only garner about 10 million followers, huh?

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Sounds fishy.

And speaking of all those voters Biden thinks he got — conservative pundit Tomi Lahren found a hidden little “gem” in that Biden Twitter story…

If HALF of Biden’s Twitter followers are fake… what do you think his voters look like?

My guess would be they probably look like this:



Here’s what Tomi said: “If you think Joe Biden Brandon’s Twitter followers are fake wait till you see his voters….”

At this point, does anyone really believe that Biden got 81-million legal votes?

It feels like most everyone’s ditched that storyline and has moved on.

It’s embarrassingly silly to suggest this drooling buffoon that nobody likes is also somehow the most popular political figure of our lifetime.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“That senile old assclown didn’t get 81 votes, let alone 81 million” 

“Everything about this old coot is fake” 

“They’re real Just dead”

“They had to pad his Twitter account with fake followers because nobody was following him naturally. I bet it’s more than half” 

Biden’s polls numbers are fake — they’re worse than what they’re telling you.

His voters are fake.

His support isn’t real.

And He’s not even in charge.


It’s all a lie. 

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