America-hating Food Network Star Told to “Pack Up and MOVE” If She’s So Miserable Here

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Food Network host Valerie Bertinelli hates the United States.

She keeps making that clear, every time a new issue pops up. The first thing she does is attack and trash the United States.


On May 24th, Valerie published this tweet, claiming the US is NOT the “greatest country” in the world.

This was after the school shooting in Texas.

Exactly one month later, on June 24th, Valerie published this tweet in response to the Roe v Wade ruling by the SCOTUS:

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Well, Americans are now telling Valerie to put an egg in her shoe, and beat it… in other words, pack up and go, lady:

“I challenge you to find the one country you can call the greatest and rush out to live there”

“The Food Network star sits in her multi-million-dollar house complaining about the US. Why doesn’t she leave if it’s so awful here?” 

“I challenge you to find the one country you can call the greatest and rush out to live there”

“Please, by all means, sell your 7 million dollar house and go live somewhere else…we’ll all be better off” 

“Move to a country that thinks it’s the greatest! I’ll help you pack”

“I am done watching any show this communist hosts on the Food Network” 

“Celebrities are ruining their careers with social media, and I love seeing it” 

“There’s the door. Feel free to use it, and take your stupid recipes with you” 

“It’s been GREAT for you, Ms. Millionaire, hasn’t it?” 

“There are 194 other countries to choose from. Have at it.”

“Hey Valarie, if you don’t like it here in America just get the f**k out. Please don’t come back.”

“Why don’t people like Valeries, who have so much money, just move? Oh, I know why, because they can’t live a charmed life like this anywhere else” 

“Well, then here’s a suggestion for you. Pack up a bag and move your sorry ass to the country you like better. Buh-bye”

“Move to Ukraine, Valerie, let’s see how long you last there lol” 

Clearly, Mr. Bertinelli hates America, yet she still wakes up every day in her massive, multi-million-dollar home and gets ready to go to work on the set of one of her many fancy cooking shows.

Seems like the US has been very good to Val, right?

But she still hates it.

So, with all her money, I wonder why she lives here? She could go anywhere…

Why doesn’t she move somewhere else if it’s so bad?


Take a stand Val, and do the right thing…

Pack up and head to Ukraine, who you were feverishly supporting a month ago, but have now suddenly forgotten about.

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