[VIDEO] Kari Won Her Primary! And She Revealed to Wayne Dupree What The “New Right” Really Means

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Kari Lake won her GOP primary, and now, she’s one step closer to becoming Arizona’s America First governor. And Kari is running on this idea that we’re the “New Right.”

And last Monday Kari appeared on Wayne’s podcast, where she elaborated on that. The show was great. Wayne has a way of getting the best out of his guests and also breaking interesting news and tidbits. And while she and Wayne talked about a lot of different things, the most interesting part of the chat was when Kari explained the “New Right,” and revealed what exactly that means. Kari told Wayne that “New Right” is the new and better version of the Republican Party… the version that actually fights back. For so long now we’ve been destroyed by weak, cowardly establishment Republicans who roll over at the first sign of trouble or cave to Dems just to avoid being called names.

But as Kari explained to Wayne, those days are over now. The “New Right” isn’t afraid of silly name-calling and communist Democrats. We’re fighters, and we’re here to push our agenda and our patriotic version of a free and prosperous America, and we won’t stop until we win.

It was a great interview!

You can watch the video below:

Kari is going to be a great governor. I can’t wait to watch her blow past Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence’s establishment GOP candidate in the primary and then win the general.

Don’t forget, the people of Arizona are very familiar with Kari, because she was a popular and well-loved local news anchor for years before she quit the fake news to Make Arizona Great Again.

H/T: Citizen Freepress 

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