[VIDEO] Former High-Ranking Fox News Host Drops Bombshell About Election Night 2020

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You remember Ed Henry, right? He was the former Fox News White House correspondent and the weekend “Fox & Friends” host. Fox gave Ed the boot after someone made some #MeToo allegations against him. But Ed was there long enough to get a “feel” for how a lot of his colleagues hated President Trump and were stricken with Stage 5 TDS. And on Friday morning, Ed Henry joined Steve Bannon to discuss that very topic and also discuss the very infamous 2020 election night.

Ed dropped a bombshell about that night by saying that his former colleagues at Fox were trying to “off  Trump” on election night 2020… meaning take him out.

“At Real America’s Voice, I got a new perspective on things,” Henry told Bannon. “I was off the field for a little while. And I watched, and it was embarrassing to watch my colleagues at Fox and elsewhere,” he said. Ed continued, “Old colleagues, the way they were sycophantic towards the mainstream. Fox trying to cozy up to Biden, trying to off Trump on election night. That’s what they tried to do.”

“You saw that?” asked Bannon.

“I saw that from the outside,” Henry explained. “I was fired from Fox before that.”

You’ll recall that Fox News fired Ed over allegations of sexual misconduct during the summer of 2020.

You can watch the video below:

Ed is 100 percent right, everyone who was there that night, on the air for 2020 election coverage was a NeverTrumper, from Bret to Martha to Chris Stirewalt at the “Decision Desk.”

Fox News is not our friend. They are more dangerous to our cause than CNN, MSNBC, and New York Times combined. I just wish more conservatives realized that.

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