Conservative Radio Host Loses Cool Over FBI Search On Mar-A-Lago; “Third-World BS”

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Dan Bongino, the weekend anchor of Fox News, lost his cool on the network after learning that the FBI had searched Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

In an interview with Jesse Watters Primetime on Monday, Bongino remarked, “This is some third-world nonsense right here.” Again, third-world nonsense, I repeat. I don’t give a damn that it’s television news; I mean every word of that.

This is a screaming disgrace, he continued. a scandal. We don’t reside there. Kim Jong-un is not our ruler. We reside in a representative democracy with a written constitution. You have a number of FBI officers searching a former president’s house because they disagree with his political views. Are you serious?

The New York Times reported that the raid appeared to be focused on the official government documents Trump brought with him to Florida. It’s thought that some of the materials are top secret.

Bongino continued, “You spent this entire show, Jesse, and I have spent my entire time either on Fox or on my podcast exposing the left for claiming Russia interfered in an election. Hillary Clinton paid off a bunch of foreign agents, her team – literally – to fabricate a story that preoccupied the nation for four years.

What is she now doing? freaking Chappaqua, getting a manicure. She isn’t doing anything. Nothing. Hunter Biden gets caught on camera having sex and using crack simultaneously! What is he doing, exactly? He resides in a home in Malibu!

According to Bongino, the FBI is no longer credible.

From this moment forward, “nobody will take them seriously,” he said. “It’s done,”

He asserted that it is crucial for Republicans to retake control of Congress in the midterm elections in November.

He said, “This is the answer. Republicans might not be the answer to your problems, but Democrats are undoubtedly to blame for all of your current issues. If ever there was a reason to get out of your seat and cast your ballot in 2022, this is it. Additionally, the upper levels of the DOJ and FBI need to be completely cleaned out in addition to hearings.

According to Bongino, liberals mock them.

He continued, “Listen, America, they’re laughing at you. “This is hilarious to the left, they think. Go to any of their silly sites, Twitter, or somewhere else right now if you have any doubts. This is amusing to them. What’s actually funny, though? If you haven’t registered to vote, you should go vote tomorrow. That’s seriously funny.

He ended by urging people to vote for Republicans once more.

It is currently 7:40 Eastern time on the August 8th episode of the Jesse Watters show, he announced. “Recall the day I informed you about this. If you don’t immediately solve this, you won’t recognize your nation.

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