[VIDEO] Liz Asks Daddy to Save Her Job, But it Backfires in Her Face Spectacularly

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Liz Cheney is doing whatever she can to hang onto her job. I love that she’s so frazzled and upset that her political career is coming to an end, thanks to her Stage 5 TDS… and just to show you how desperate she is, Liz is now calling on Daddy to save her job. Yes, the tone-deaf and completely clueless Liz, actually thinks her warmonger father has “pull” with the American people and can save her House seat. She couldn’t be more off the mark if she tried. But the good news is that this plan backfired in her face epically, and now she knows full well that the American people not only reject her but reject her bloodthirsty, murderous serial killer father as well.

What’s next, will Liz drag GWB out, too? The funny part in all of this, is the ONLY people who support Dick Cheney now, are all the “anti-war” liberals, who used to call Dick a “Nazi” and a “War Criminal.” Now, they love him… he’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, but he said some mean words about Trump, so he’s a HERO now. That’s how crazy and demented these people are.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“In 12 days, Wyoming will defeat Liz Cheney. Vote Harriet Hageman for Wyoming.”

“Dick Cheney is a War criminal who lied so he could engage in a giant grift that cost some of my friends their lives, and nearly mine. You might want to sit this one out lady.”

“My God, they are so scared of Trump…it actually makes you really want to support him.” 

“11 more days and you are out. Wyoming is firing you for your bizarre hatred of Trump.”

“This hatred of Trump is starting to feel really weird.”

“The lack of self awareness here is staggering. If the Bushcheney war-starters hate Trump it’s just another reason to support him.”

“Well, I was not the biggest Trump supporter before all this, but when all these warmongers go against him, I’m thinking I need to support him” 

“The Ultimate piece of evidence 2020 was stolen? Dick Cheney saying it wasn’t:”

“A group of corporations enjoying no-bid contracts while parading through the middle east, killing innocent people, is not a Republic. A coward is a chubby, bitter old bald pig that innocent men die for so he can spoil his insufferable daughter. “

“This is literally how most Iraqis view Dick Cheney”

“The audacity is off the charts. This man is responsible for the deaths of so many people, but Trump is the one we should worry about? LOL okay” 

“Your dad is a war criminal, @Liz_Cheney. You may as well get an endorsement from Emperor Palpatine himself. The resemblance is uncanny…”

“Best endorsement ever of Donald Trump. Basically Darth Vader Cheney makes Trump Luke Skywalker.”

“There’s an individual in the White House right now who’s a grave national security threat. Hunter’s laptop has been authenticated. Joe Biden is compromised by China and no one in the swamp cares.”

““Republic” must be the name of the offshore account that holds all the profit Dick Cheney made from endless war”

“Watching “anti-war” liberals cheer on Dick Cheney is a real treat LOL” 

“Cheney is much bigger war criminal & has much more blood on his torturing hands than Trump. His pals in the MIC are currently trying to start 2 Nuclear Wars at once. If there was any consistency to Twitters Censorship this tweet would be labeled as “Dangerous Misinformation”.”

“War criminals for Liz!!”

“Daddy can’t save your job Liz. The country hates him and you” 

“Dick Cheney once lied and told the then House Majority Leader that Saddam Hussein had the capability of manufacturing “suitcase nukes” in order to terrify Congress into supporting the Invasion of Iraq…American soldiers died because of this…Never forget that.”

I also loved this version of the clip. Talented meme artist Maze gave Dick the “look” he so deserves.


The good news is that Florida Congressman Anthony Sabatini said when he gets back to Congress, he will file a bill to remove Dick Cheney’s name from all federal buildings. Good. That outta frost Liz’s big buns.

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