[VIDEO] Golf Legend John Daly, “Daddy Trump is The Best President We’ve Ever Had”

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Gold Legend John Daly joined Piers Morgan to discuss a whole host of things, one of them being how he feels about President Trump running for his (technically third term) in 2024. As you know, Piers is. backstabber. He calls himself a “friend” to President Trump and then proceeds to trash him all over the place. He asked Daly if he’d support a Trump 2024 run, and Daly made it clear he would, and even said that “Daddy Trump” was the best president we’ve ever had. Amen. That’s the truth.

In case you don’t know, John Patrick Daly is an American professional golfer on the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions. I know primarily Daly for his driving distance off the tee, his non-country club appearance, and his attitude. Sounds a lot like President Trump. They’re both rebels.

You can watch the video below (I cued the clip to start at the 4:35 mark for you):

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Piers Morgan is not a friend to President Trump when he lied about him walking away from that only interview he will ever get, John is not afraid to stand with President Trump now that’s a true friend.”

“In my mind, if you’re not for Trump, you’re not for America.”

“Trump WON big-time. Democrats and FOREIGN corruption stole the election.”

“Trump back in the white house, even for 4 short years, would do wonders for the world.”

What a great guy John Daly is. I love it when famous people have no fear of the mob and just tell it like it is.

I will say this much, President Trump has some great golf buddies, including Tiger Woods.

H/T: Citizen Free Press 

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