[VIDEO] Joe Biden Just Turned Into a “Homer Simpson” Meme Right In Front of The Media

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Are you familiar with the Homer Simpson “Walking Backwards Into The Bushes” meme? It’s the one many people post when someone does something they’re ashamed of, or when they can’t answer a question, so they just “symbolically” disappear into the bushes. It’s funny and very popular. Well, I am here to tell you that Joe Biden literally has become that very meme and it happened right in front of the press. Honestly, the only thing that was mission was the gigantic bush for Joe to slowly and awkwardly back into.

Here’s the meme I am talking about:

You see this image everywhere. Well, now you’re about to see it reenacted by the so-called “president” of the United States.

Let me give you the background…

As you know, gas prices are skyrocketing again. They never actually went down, Joe Biden was just depleting our strategic reserves in order to try to help Dems during midterms. This is something he should actually be impeached for if you ask me… and Trump loyalist Stephen Miller agrees. That graph Stephen is responding to shows just how much Joe depleted our strategic reserves for his own political purposes.

Here’s what Stephen said: “You are watching an act of national sabotage, in real time, carried out by President Biden. If a global emergency cut-off our access to foreign oil we would no longer have the strategic reserves to keep going.”

The reason we’re in this energy mess is that Joe Biden canceled President Trump’s wildly successful energy policies because he’s being controlled by radical climate cultists. It’s really that simple. We didn’t have these issues when President Trump was in office, did we?

So, when Biden was asked about rising gas prices by reporters and questioned on why he’s not unleashing American energy, instead of answering the question, Joe Biden turned into Homer Simpson and began slowly backing away with a creepy grin on his gray, sunken-in face.

This is unreal to watch unfold.

You can watch the video below:

Completely weird and creepy, right?

Here’s what people online are saying about this:

“Let’s just keep pretending that this is normal”

“We live in a clown world. This man is a Joke”

“I hope y’all are happy with all of his destruction!”

“Oh, we will get free energy. But it won’t be the kind you are looking for. Splitting atoms out in the open air. wont power up our Homes. But what does He care. He can’t remember what he said 5 min ago.”

“They rigged an election for this. Jesus christ.”

“This f**king a**hole is destroying us on purpose”

“What if American oil companies just….did it anyway?”

“81 million votes. Most votes of any President, evah. Okey-dokey.”

You can’t #BuildBackBetter unless it’s destroyed.”

“Is he being controlled remotely or something”

“When a Pretender N Thief doesn’t want to answer questions his body language tells him to back away from legit questions. In contrast to a real Commander In Chief who stood tall and leaned in for lengthy press sessions”

“At some point, you’d expect the penny to drop for people. This isn’t an accident. You’re being bent over and f**ked on purpose. That’s why he’s just grinning and ignoring you.”

And now, thanks to a very clever Trump supporter who goes by the handle Steven Voiceover we can actually turn Joe into the Homer meme.


It feels like we’re living in the Twilight Zone right now.

The midterms are coming. Don’t sit this one out. We need everyone to flood the polls so we can strip this senile old man and his communist cronies of their power.

Be present and do your part. No excuses.

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